WorldAML Benefits

Integrated the WorldAML API into your online AML reporting and investigation system provides a number of benefits including:

1. Saving you Time and Money

WorldAML ensures that all AML database results are working properly. The World AML database integrates information from over 2,500,000 sources of information. Our database management and programming team works day and night to ensure the system of open and functioning. You no longer need to develop an expensive in-house department for AML compliance research, and our pricing structure is highly competitive against all international competitors.

2. Protecting your Company Reputation

Using WorldAML provides you with an industry-strength solution for AML as well as wider KYC, CDD, PEP and other risk monitoring and assessment functions. This safeguarding your business from fraud and reputational risk.

3. Accurate and Real Time Reporting

WorldAML’s powerful information technology and reporting system ensures that any updates in the databases we monitor are provided live in our own database and API. This means that changes to any vital information or status will be recorded instantly and will be available to you or your clients.

4. Automated Alerts

You no longer need to run multiple manual searches to see if a specific client or entity has been updated. Our alerts service will provide you with an automated alert if any information conditions change about the specific client. This takes place automatically with each information update to our own system.

5. Customising your Outputs

The WorldAML API enables you to choose and customise the outputs you are interested in. This means that your own risk-based approach can be adapted to the types of information you are interested in receiving

7. Seamless Interface with your own Systems

The data integration from WorldAML to your own systems is designed to be rapid and easy. Our technical support team will help you with your integration. Our system is built for security, efficiency and precision