About Us

Your One-Stop Shop for Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Software

In an increasingly interconnected financial world, changing compliance regulations are placing greater responsibilities on financial, legal and professional services providers to verify the real identity of their customers.

For over 40 years, WorldAML has developed in-depth expertise in the European Union, the Middle East and several other geographies in credit analysis and reporting of enterprises. We have seen first-hand the growth in compliance regulation and the expansion of roles of the OECD Financial Action Task Force, the US Treasury, the European Union and other actors.

We have played a pivotal role in a number of countries in supporting harmonization of national law to emerging compliance and AML/KYC requirements. And we have advised thousands of companies across multiple sectors in areas such as credit risk, compliance risk, risk analysis, due diligence and related areas.

This experience has led us to establish our first online compliance database which has recently become accessible via application programme interface (API) for a range of other partners and functions.

Introducing the World AML API

WorldAML’s API is a scalable and flexible Representational State Transfer (REST) API build on cutting-edge technology and is continuously updated with the latest data to ensure that you always have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information. Our data sources include sources that range from company registers and Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) registers to the latest sanctions and PEP lists.

Using the WorldAML API for your regulatory compliance needs can provide several advantages.

An Experienced and Technically Proficient Provider

Our team consists of educated and experienced individuals who can offer advice, support, and guide you in the most professional way. We provide our services to companies in the area of bankingfinancial, accounting, audit and fiduciary services, legal services and others, including forex, insurance, gambling, shipping and many others. We work extensively within the European Union but also in many other jurisdictions.

A One-Stop Shop for AML Compliance Requirements

Our unique WorldAML solution offers you total control of all your AML obligations at one place. By using our solution, you can maintain total compliance, cut costs, reduce risks and make your business greatly efficient. You can manage your AML targets and obligations by organising and planning your entire AML compliance operation in one place.

Personalised and Customised Reporting

Our WorldAML solution allows you to record and keep track of your training obligations, transaction monitoring and staff investigations, keeping you on top of compliance at present and in the future.

WorldAML keeps key information in one place so you can easily manage it. WorldAML records every activity with full visibility and reporting. This assists you to scale your services and ensure that the latest technologies are a click away.

Technological State-of-the-Art

WorldAML and the WorldAML API features an all-in-one technically advanced toolkit which covers your company’s complete AML requirements. This allows you to catch potentially fraudulent actors and help your business meet international compliance regulations.

All clients are screened against global watchlists, sanctions lists, PEP lists, identity verification, adverse media, monitoring lists, and many other sources.