WorldAML Features

WorldAML provides one of the most comprehensive and powerful automated AML compliance functions available today. Our AML database has been developed over decades of experience in some of the most challenging European and international jurisdictions, and has been developed to provide a rapid, power and flexible solution for multiple service providers.

What does WorldAML provide?

End-to-End Coverage of over 30,000 AML Data Sources

These range from AML and PEP databases to live sanctions and enforcement lists. Our team ensures that all sources of information are up-to-date based on latest OECD FATF and other requirements.

Full Identity Verification

The WorldAML API includes integration with the leading identity and document verification systems world-wide. You can request uploads of customer identity documents (identity card, passport, etc.) and these will be cross-checked with relevant authorities using artificial-intelligence (AI) scanning software.

FATF / OECD Compliant

The WorldAML solution has been designed from the outset to be compliant with OECD FATF requirements. This includes data integration from a number of critical sources such as:

  • Company registries and VAT databases;
  • Individual identification databases;
  • Databases of court decisions;
  • Sanctions lists maintained by the US Treasury, the European Union and others;
  • Lists of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs);
  • A range of other sources.

Holistic / 360 Degree View Solution

The WorldAML solution and API provides a holistic view of individual or companies being checked. This includes real-time coverage and results together with advanced screening, monitoring and review. The WorldAML API integrates information from our database instantly to your KYC flows or other software tools.

Flags Suspicious AML Users

Any record identified as being suspicious is automatically flagged for your review. The data mechanism enables you to investigate the company or individual record and see where and why the record may be non-compliant or render suspicious activity.

WorldAML provides you with unprecedented confidence and accuracy of your AML, KYC and CDD compliance checks. And the WorldAML API brings the power of the entire WorldAML database and organisation to your fingertips.