The European Commission has recently taken bold action to combat corruption within the EU and across the globe, following President von der Leyen’s commitment from her 2022 State of the Union address. The innovative anti-corruption proposals signify a turning point in the fight against corruption at national and EU levels. As the Commission focuses on enhancing existing measures and actively aiding Member States in implementing effective anti-corruption policies and legislation, specialized organizations like contribute their expertise to ensure a comprehensive strategy. offers various services to help businesses mitigate corruption risks and adhere to evolving regulations. With the EU launching more robust anti-corruption measures and broadening the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) sanctions regime to target severe acts of corruption worldwide,’s services are increasingly crucial for companies operating in this landscape.

  1. Corruption Risk Assessment and Management’s corruption risk assessment and management services enable organizations to identify, evaluate, and address potential risks. By providing tailored recommendations based on the organization’s unique situation, empowers businesses to adopt a proactive approach to mitigating corruption risks, aligning with the EU’s emphasis on prevention and cultivating a culture of integrity.

2. Comprehensive Due Diligence Services

To assist companies in complying with the EU’s reinforced anti-corruption measures, offers comprehensive due diligence services to assess potential partners, clients, or suppliers. These services include background investigations, reputation assessments, and financial health evaluations, ensuring businesses avoid engaging with individuals or entities implicated in corruption or other illicit activities.

3. Customized Compliance Program Development and Review supports businesses in developing and reviewing customized compliance programs that cater to the organization’s specific needs, ensuring alignment with the EU’s enhanced anti-corruption rules. The company’s expertise enables businesses to implement adequate controls and procedures, including open access to information, conflict of interest disclosure and management, and asset disclosure and verification for public officials.

4. Anti-Corruption Training and Awareness Programs offers anti-corruption training and awareness programs for employees and stakeholders in line with the EU’s focus on raising corruption awareness. These programs educate participants on the latest anti-corruption regulations, best practices, and potential red flags to help prevent corruption incidents and promote a culture of integrity within the organization.

5. Regulatory Reporting and Audit Support Services supports regulatory reporting and audits, ensuring businesses meet the EU’s stringent reporting requirements and demonstrating their commitment to combating corruption. This support includes assistance with preparing necessary documentation, guidance on reporting processes, and representation during audits.

Organizations must adapt to the evolving regulatory landscape as the EU takes decisive action against corruption.’s comprehensive suite of services equips businesses to effectively navigate these changes, promoting a culture of integrity and demonstrating a commitment to combating corruption at all levels